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December 2022 Newsletter - Dripping Springs Women's Club

As we progress through the hectic holiday season, here are a few

tips on staying calm and focused so you can experience the

maximum joy of the season!

1. Let go of the idea that you need to be perfect and instead focus on having FUN! Amidst the parties, presents and food, the truly important things are family, friends, kindness and LOVE.

2. Stick to a schedule regarding eating and exercise…and get plenty of sleep!

3. Go easy on the booze. Know your limits. Alcohol is a depressant that disrupts your sleep, causes you to overeat…and loosens the tongue.

4. Stay Grateful!

5. Recognize the Insanity! Acknowledge the chaos, confide in a

friend, cry it out if you have to, and then, give yourself GRACE and move

on! Meditation helps!

Wishing you Hope, Love, Joy and Peace this holiday season!!! To read more about our holiday happenings throughout the month of December, check out our newsletter.

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